Hradčanské rozhraní Testovací plánování

What is Test Planning?

The Test Planning Method is an informal planning process adopted to mitigate potential conflicts among stakeholders, compensate for weak regulations, or navigate the complexities of large-scale developments. It hinges on the active involvement of key stakeholders and the local community from the outset and involves design teams to simultaneously "test" various possibilities for site development.

The Test Planning is conducted in three phases characterized by dynamic interplay among stakeholders, dependent and independent experts, design teams, and the public.

The first phase, Test Planning Preparation, focuses on the institutional set up, the preparation of the Brief and the selection of design teams. Key stakeholders forming the Steering Group nominate dependent and independent members of the Guiding Committee, a panel of high-profile experts that oversees the design process.

The second phase, Test Planning Implementation, involves the actual testing process. During three workshops, design teams present different proposals for the development of the site, receiving recommendations provided by the Guiding Committee. 

The consolidation phase of Test Planning is the final step and can take several forms, including: (i) one selected team being in charge of project refinement, (ii) all teams collaborating on project refinement, (iii) using the outputs of the test planning as the brief for an architectural competition, or (iv) commissioning a third party to complete the project.

The Site

The Hradčanské Rozhraní Test Planning will take place on a privately owned site located on Milady Horákové Street in the Prague 6 district. This area occupies a space situated amidst zones characterized by diverse urban patterns and various building typologies. To the east and west, urban building blocks predominate, gradually transitioning into the garden city settlement of Bubeneč to the north. To the south lies Letna Park, sloping towards the Vltava River, with a few scattered buildings contributing to the area's low density in favor of large green spaces that offer panoramic views of the city.

Test Planning Site Definition

The Test Planning site, indicated by the red stroke on the map, comprises five privately owned First Republic villas positioned on a rectangular plot. This plot is combined with land owned by the city of Prague to the east. To the north, the site borders a railway corridor planned for underground bypass, with potential for above-ground surface utilization. Facing south, it fronts onto the significant metropolitan axis of M. Horákové, near the Hradčanská Metro Station on the A line.

Test Planning Area Definiton

The test planning process will also consider the public space around the site labeled as the "test planning area," marked in dashed lines on the map. This area includes the sidewalks located on the west and south of the planning site, the parking lot in the southernmost tract of U Vorliků street, and to the north, the section of the Kladno-Masaryk railway.

Preliminary Schedule

Selection of Design Teams Receiving applications
deadline April 19, 2024

Selection of Design Teams
April 24, 2024
Implementation Phase 1st Workshop
27 May 2024

“Light” design concept submission
deadline June 24, 2024

2nd Workshop
June 26-27, 2024

Development design proposal submission
deadline September 4, 2024

3rd Workshop
September 12-13, 2024


Applicants have to to register in the Karel IS in order to download the application documents and to submit their application.

The deadline for application is 19 April, 23:59 CEST


Test Planning Enquiries
Fausto Prezioso
+420 725 156 339

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